Hello, World!

My name is Nicholas Domanico. I’m a cybersecurity student, Linux user, animal lover, and Christian.

I have always been a bit of a geek. I built my first computer when I was thirteen. While I was in high school I got my hands on a Raspberry Pi, which I used to learn Linux, as well as some Python and networking skills. Ever since then I have been continuously learning. My most recent projects have been in my homelab.

The main goal of this blog

This blog is for students who are beginning their journey learning about computer networking, and how it relates to cybersecurity. One of the best ways to learn is through hands-on experience, so a great deal of this blog will be focused on building and maintaining a homelab. I will be writing tutorials covering operating system tools and configuration, especially Linux, as well as networking and security. I will also comment on various security topics, including news, threats, and developments in the security world.

What is a homelab?

A homelab is an excellent way to get IT experience and learn new technologies in your home.

Basically, it is a computer (or computers) and other equipment that you use to learn how computer networks work. Building your own personal lab gives you a fantastic sandbox environment to learn (and sometimes break!) stuff on your own time and at your own pace. Even with just one reasonably powerful laptop, you can start a lab to learn the basics of virtualization, Linux, firewalls, and more, and in a fun and affordable way!

In short, this blog will help you gain hands-on experience with the code we rely on every day, how this code keeps us connected to each other and the outside world, and how to keep these connections safe.

I hope you enjoy this blog!